Tuesday, August 14, 2007


For some reason I was tired today. We got a late start as we needed to dry the tent from the night before and hadn't been able to get everything ready before the morning. We were a few miles outside of town and then needed to stop to get Bill's brake adjusted. Finally on the road it tried to rain a little but never did. The cloud cover was nice, but we had more wind than we had the previous days. There was a stretch of several miles of headwind where I finally told Bill I needed a break - he then moved in from of me and I drafted the next couple of miles. It really helped. We finally had a pork chop with Mr. Pork Chop - turns out the line was very long - even by RAGBRAI standards - because it was his last day. He is retiring after about 30 years and turning it over to his kids. Never quite hit the food lines right and the day seemed to drag on a little. Started hitting hills toward the end. We are camped in the campground right next to the group's personal masseuse (didn't know we had one). I treated myself to a 20' massage after we got setup and showered. Bill sleep for awhile - spaghetti dinner at the church before the line got too long (we have learned what they will learn - that the line will never end - they will just run out of spaghetti), walked around town, listened to the free concert and now getting ready for our last night. As Bill said "it is with mixed emtions that we end this trip tomorrow."



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