Sunday, August 05, 2007

RAGBRAI Days 2 & 3

Day 2

Started out rough with the wind, but then got much better. We got away from the wind, it stayed cool, and there were more towns. We also changed our strategy to slow down, stop in all the towns, and eat and drink regularly. I was really on Billy to drink more - which he did and it all helped. It is amazing how the towns really turn out for these events. Music, water spickets for cooling off and loading up, tons of different vendors selling food and sometimes even entertainment. It is really fun to come into town and often they are sitting out in the yard waving and clapping and cheering for us. Very cool. Each town has a different theme for the event so you never know what you will see. Had spaghetti dinner and met another dad and 15 year old boy from Wisconsin who loves soccer. Haven't seen them again unfortunately. Tonight we stayed at the home of one of the doctors in Humboldt instead of in the campground - we and 8 other riders. Bill and I and 2 others slept on the floor in the living room - the other 2 were real characters. A blind guy and his partner. They got in late because there luggage was lost and their tandem bike broke down. The others riders were also interesting. Our hostess was really wonderful, had snacks out when we arrived, ordered pizza for everyone. She even had her 15 year old son hang around for Billy. They didn't really hit it off, but it was a nice gesture.

We did about 80 miles today and they say if you can do the first 2 days, you can do it all. We feel pretty good, but tired.

Stats: 80 miles - 12.9 mph - 71 avg cadence - 6:15 time

Day 3

Great day. Good weather, cool well into the day and very flat. Had breakfast #1 in Thor, Iowa. Very small town. It sounded familiar to me and I finally remembered why. My father's first wife was from there. We really moved today and gained even more confidence. Billy got to draft behind 4 of Lance's team (LiveSTRONG) and he was totally pumped. He knew they were just cruising, but he loved the experience. The girl next to him (they were in 2 lines) had done it the day before and Lance was in the line then. I believe we saw Lance pass us in the afternoon when we were coming out of the corn field from a bathroom stop. They were flying. Enjoyable afternoon listening to concerts and watching school dancers perform in Humboldt. I couldn't wake Billy up for dinner so brought him something back. They ran out of the pasta dinners so I had to take the shuttle downtown to find something. The band played too loud and too late and we were too close to the road. It kep me up late last night. Also, the porta potties were way too far away and the water sources too few. I think we overwhelmed the community, but they really tried.

Stats: 73 miles - 14 mph - 71 avg. cadence - 5:15 time


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