Sunday, August 05, 2007


RAGBRAI = Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. I decided to do this 477 mile trip across the state of my origin with my 15 year old son. I declared it a success before we even left as the process of training, and doing so with Billy, made it so. The following several posts are a diary of our trip.

Day 1

Well, it was quite a day. I now know what a drop of water flowing to the ocean feels like. You join a few people, then a few more join you, then even more and finally you feel like part of a river flowing. The towns and people are very friendly. People really go all out - selling everything to eat and drink. Had a head wind more than we might like and it got hot by late morning. Decision to not put on sun screen was a mistake. Biggest problem was Bill almost seemed to get de-hydrated. At one point he started weaving and was looking down - we stopped, rested, drank, etc. He was very tired. Now I feel tired and wonder how I can do this 6 more days. We'll see tomorrow.

It is very hot and we just want to stay in the community center to stay cool. Bill is looking forward to meeting Lance Armstrong at the session he is doing with the kids tonight. Our tour operator could do a better job communicating. Looks like we should have brought a sun shower to take advantage of his showers. - oh well. Onward and onward.

Stats: 79 miles - 13.6 mph - 71 avg. cadence - 5:48 time


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