Monday, April 14, 2008

Donating Computers Isn't As Easy As It Used To Be

Over the years as we have upgraded computers, it has always been easy to find a willing recipient for our old computers. Usually the schools. I will confess that once, several years ago, I was so frustrated with an old computer that it went straight into the garbage. No more. First, it is considered hazardous waste and requires special waste facilities. The schools now seem to have plenty of computers - haven't even returned my call about it. Other non-profit organizations also seem to have what they need. I think the market has now been saturated with at least basic PCs. I found a site which lists recycling centers (Environment, Health & Safety). The only one in our market is HP, which will charge $21 per computer plus shipping. Well, at least we still get a nice tax deduction - or so I thought. When I checked out the value of our Dell Dimension desktops on, they only thing they cared about was the clock speed of the cpu (I thought we weren't supposed to care about that in PCs any more?). It appears our perfectly good, if dated, PCs are now worth $54 each. The garbage can seems a little close to my office than it was yesterday.....


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